Thursday (6/28)

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Where do You Begin? Evangelizing Where You Live

Want to share your faith, but don't know how to begin? Learn how you can share Jesus in your every day life right where you are!

How to Lead an Effective Bible Study

You can't have evangelism with out discipleship. Learn how you can lead an effective Bible study and train others to do the same!

Discover your Calling: Spiritual Gifts and Passions

What are you wired to do? What are your passions? What are the opportunities? Discover how your gifts and talents can be used for God's kingdom.

Exploring Short-Term Missions

Why short-term missions? How can it change you? Your church? Come learn about opportunities for a life changing journey.

How to Recognize and Resist the Enemy

What does the Bible say about the enemy? How can you truly put on the full armor of God? Explore how you can overcome all obstacles through God's Word and prayer.

Leaving a Legacy

Discover the best practices in financial planning which will leave a legacy not only for your children but for the Kingdom as well.

2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Finishing Strong: Missions After 50

How can retirees be involved in missions? What are some specific needs they can fulfill? Come and discover how you can enjoy Kingdom focused retirement years.

Empowering Women Around the World

Learn how women around the world are being empowered in their families and communities and how you can be too.

Leveraging Social Media in Ministry and Missions

Explore ways you can leverage the power of social media to be more effective in your ministry.

Business as Missions

How can you use your business or talents for the Lord? Come learn several ways your business and business skills can become effective missions focus.

Addressing Barriers to Serving Abroad

What are the barriers to moving overseas? Enjoy a real discussion on leaving your family, raising your financial support and the importance of a strong prayer team.

Cultivating a Culture of Prayer

Do you feel prayer is not the center of your home, church, or ministry? Learn how you can be the catalyst for a new dependance on prayer within your sphere of influence.

Friday (6/29)

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Global Missions in Your Own Backyard

Did you know you can reach the unreached in your community? Learn how you can share your faith with diverse cultures in your own backyard!

Encouraging Women in Ministry: A Panel Discussion

What are the roles women have in missions? How can women be encouraged to be the light and rise up no matter what culture they live in?

Billion.Global Vision: What's your Part?

Learn how you can join others around the world in reaching one billion people with the Gospel!

Conversational Evangelism

Evangelism is not as intimidating as it may seem. Learn how you can be equipped to share your faith with anybody in any conversation.

Sustaining Missions: The Power of Church Multiplication

Learn how OMS plants churches and what practices you can take for multiplying the local church in your area.

2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Engaging the Church in Local and Global Missions

How should the church respond to the both the needs locally and globally? Why be involved globally when there is so much to be done locally? Learn what true missions is in both cases.

Starting Young: Developing Missionary Hearts in Children

Children are the future generation of disciples. Learn how you can influence the children in your life to have a missionary heart and share the Good News of Christ!

Strengthening Your Marriage in Ministry and Missions

What are some of the stresses ministry puts on a marriage? What can be done to prevent a marriage to deteriorate? Discerning when I say “Yes” and “No” in ministry opportunities.