Testimonies from Illuminate 2016

“I feel very refreshed in my spirit and call to international ministry. I feel like God will use what happened this weekend to affect my future in missions.”

Katy Davis, Nicholasville, KY

“Interaction with the field missionaries helped me understand their needs and challenges.”

John Hawk, Indianapolis, IN

“Well done! Good book-ends to a great conference.”

Lori Long, USA

“This conference certainly was a call to go forth and teach all.”

Diane Hoelter, Crestview FL

“Renewed passion and vision to go forward.”

Avalon Brown, New Zealand

“I’m so glad that I brought my kids. We are praying about involvement with missions and waiting on the Lord’s leading. This has been so helpful and fun!”

Christi Smallwood, Nora Springs, IA

“This conference has taught me how to intentionally serve to edify believers and ministries.”

Melvin Kelly, Mozambique

“I can now bring a wider perspective on missions with me and be able to implement these new insights in my ministry.”

Johnny Song, Korea

“This conference gave me clarity!!! It gave me an opportunity to learn and challenge my future!”

Jim Rice, Laguna Beach, FL

“Looking for areas where I can see darkness and asking God for how to be a light in that darkness.”

Jay Dunnuck, USA

“I am praising God for reminding us he is at work among the nations. We thoroughly enjoyed the speakers and theme!”

Ruth Hunter, USA

“I have renewed motivation to be the light in our neighborhood!”

Jeff Edwards, USA

“I took away training on how to move people along their journey, supporting their walk with God and their own commission.”

Shayne Rochfort, Thailand

“This conference has given me greater vision for the lost and how to minister to them more effectively.”

Larry Byrnes, USA

“Illuminate has given me more awareness of how to reach people, what is happening around the world and motivation to do my part.”

Gail O’Connor, Nineveh, IN

“Hope, vision, excitement, commitment, we’re in this together. God will use our little dominoes to ricochet around the world.”

Greg and Shirley Carlson, Greenwood, IN

“Excellent conference! I am blessed! Thank you very much!”

Hilda Duewel, USA

“I now have a greater sense of a world-wide effort (from everywhere to everywhere).”


“This conference gave me a greater understanding of how God is moving across the nations in our current day. Very encouraged!”

David Cheeks, Africa

“At Illuminate, I made friends that will continue to influence my life memories to last a life time.”

Charlotte Kroes, Canada

“We can never underestimate the importance of face to face meetings and sharing vision with people who are called to the same things we are.”

Connie Schwein, Haddonfield, NJ

“I want to be a light in the dark places that God calls me to. I want the boldness to go and be obedient no matter where I am called to.”

Schuyler, Johnson, Salem, OR

“At Illuminate, I experienced a sincere, genuine love for Christ that encourages me to reach out to others.”

Angela Chandler, USA

“I felt encouraged, challenged, and convicted to live missionally wherever I am.”

Heather McPherson, Greenwood, IN

“There is work to be done and I want to be a part of it.”“This conference helped me realize time is short and our opportunity is now.”

Caleb Rodriguez, Rochester, NY

“After attending Illuminate I want to be more intentional about building relationships with the diaspora people around me.”

Cindy Bagwell, Durham, NC

“Illuminate challenged us to find involvement wherever we are; regardless of geography.”

Martin Mishler, Sabetha, KS